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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

When Your Goal is Clear, You Focus and Execute Accordingly

Last night I put four of my outside chairs on a Facebook page to sell. Gosh they are old. We don't really use them anymore and they were in an area of my backyard where I'm getting ready to spruce up the landscape.

They were in the way.

My goal = to get rid of them.

I follow this Facebook page where you can post stuff to sell. I've purchased a new dining room table recently from the site and sold a few extra pieces of furniture I didn't need anymore. It's social media at it's finest.

For you local friends, here is the link to the Facebook Page if you are in the mood to buy or sell something in the Collin County area.

I listed the four chairs for only $20 and added a freebie Papasan chair that my older son Alex didn't want anymore. It was in the way too. Do you think I priced it too low?

My goal = to get rid of them.

Here is the posting.

The chairs sold immediately with about 10 additional people posting "next", just in case Elizabeth's offer fell through.

Apparently I sold them too low, or so I'm told.

But that would depend on my goal.

My goal = to get rid of them.

Sometimes your goal isn't as obvious to others as it is to you. You know what you are trying to accomplish and you are willing, even if it looks like a loss.

You are already in a career job and you might take a part-time sales position. The goal = to get sales experience to be eligible for a promotion even though it may look like you don't make enough money so you are trying to supplement your income.

You are trying to manage your weight so you bring your lunch to work instead of eating out. The goal = to manage your calories even though it might look like you are trying to save money.

Sometimes it is not about money.

Sometimes it is about something more.

It doesn't matter if your goal is clear to anyone else. It just has to be clear to you so you can execute accordingly.

What are your goals? Are you really clear for your sake or are you confused by the goals defined for you by others? It would be important for you to know before you execute.

So to those of you who think I priced those chairs too low, thank you for the feedback. It was by design.

My goal = to get rid of them.

It's nice to check that off the list.

Until next time,

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