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Dr. Fletcher's Books

Dr. Fletcher's book can be purchased by calling our office at 972-612-1188

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Working in the Smart Zone


In her private practice, Dr. Susan Fletcher often hears people talk about making careless errors and decreasing their effectiveness. This led Dr. Fletcher to identify that everyone has what she calls a Smart Zone, where they are able to work to the best of their ability and improve the business culture to achieve success.

Whether you are a business owner, corporate executive or mid-level manager you can benefit from learning ways to successfully eliminate that which depletes energy and decreases productivity. Working in the Smart Zone is the manual for how to be a top performer and stay focused on your vision of professional and personal success.

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$25 + $6 S/H

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Parenting in the Smart Zone


We can all benefit from learning ways to parent more successfully. In the book Parenting In The Smart Zone, you learn to live day-to-day, able to focus, think things through, and manage effectively despite the influence of worry, stress, and dissatisfaction in your relationships. This can mean being aware of your expectations and how they can interfere with your ability to function in your Smart Zone. It also means recognizing how your philosophy, your actions, your discipline strategies, and the type of parent you want to be needs to be adjusted to put you in your Smart Zone.

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$15 + $6 S/H

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