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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

I Want to Be Like Evelyn at 98 …. Wouldn’t You?

I started working out this morning with Coach Oscar. So I do workout - but on my own. Working out with Oscar in charge is stepping it up a whole lot. It's only been 2 hours since I showered and came to work after his squatting tabatas and my legs are jelly. I'm feeling out of shape and I'm telling myself it will get better.

Then I come to work, check my inbox and there waiting for me is a video about a woman who is 98 years old.

Meet Evelyn. She is something......

I want to be 98 years old and be like Evelyn. If that is really what I want, I need to give Oscar my all.

My favorite part of Evelyn's story is when she says, "If I can contribute I should....shouldn't we all and not just think of ourselves?" So maybe that is how we all can also be like Evelyn. It's not just how we take care of our bodies but it is also how we take care of each other.

So my legs will recover and I have more work to do. Nice to meet you Evelyn.

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