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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

Here it is: Just Breathe – A Day in My Life (Sorta)

Here it is: A look at a day in the my life.

Sorta. David Quisenberry is the photographer who shot my current professional portraits. He makes me laugh and his pictures actually look like me.

Come on. You know the feeling....... I think he is the best and many of my friends are now using him.

This video is his project. I was just lucky enough to be invited to be a part of it. This shows what a photo shoot with him is like. Let me tell you. It is FUN! We shot this video last September, just one month before I turned 50. There is nothing like this kind of photo shoot to bring out your inner....spunk.

About a year ago, I was looking for someone to shoot current professional photos for me and there were many things that were important to me. When David was recommended, I loved his website, I knew some of the people in his photos, and the setting for his studio is so cool. It's in the Old Flour Mill Building in McKinney Texas. But there was something that set him apart.

His soul.

Recognize this picture?

This is one of David's photos. He is the photographer for The Portrait Project Charity with Meagan Harris from Channel 8 in the DFW area. The Portrait Project: Courage and Cancer is aimed at capturing the strength and courage of a child fighting cancer. The Portrait Project provides a large canvas portrait to families of children fighting cancer.

There are many photographers out there who take pretty pictures. David is a photographer who captures moments in pictures. It was easy for me to choose him.

Thank you David for letting me be a part of this project so we could capture a day in my life....well sorta.


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