Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to the most common questions we receive from our patients. For questions about scheduling an appointment for private, confidential therapy, contact our office at (972) 612-1188 or email us at


Who is your typical therapy patient?

Susan Fletcher, Ph.D. provides expert confidential, goal-oriented counseling services to individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents. Dr. Fletcher’s practice includes therapy for people of all ages coping with symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, or those wanting to feel better about themselves. She provides counseling for family therapy, marital issues and/or individual issues.

Can Dr. Fletcher prescribe medication?

Dr. Fletcher has extensive additional training in Psychopharmacology which allows her to consult with prescribing physicians about medication. Dr. Fletcher is not a prescribing physician. With your written permission, she can consult with and provide your current physician with a treatment update and your physician can prescribe the appropriate medication. For those in need of medication, she can also make a referral to select physicians with whom she has carefully established strong, professional relationships. These physicians are considered among the top in their field of medicine, and will work closely with Dr. Fletcher to ensure that mutual patients receive the best possible care. The treatment update and any referrals necessary are provided as part of your therapy at no additional cost.

Do you accept my insurance?

It really isn’t a matter of whether or not we take your insurance, but will your insurance provider reimburse you for Dr. Fletcher’s services. It depends on the decisions you made with your insurance provider when you first signed up for the policy and whether or not you have met your deductible. At your appointment we will collect full payment for our services and can give you a receipt with all of the necessary information so you can file yourself.  Our office does not file insurance for you and Dr. Fletcher has deliberately chosen to not be a provider on any insurance panels for the past 20 years.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call our office at (972) 612-1188 and talk with Shelley (Dr. Fletcher’s office manager) or contact our office at

Can I schedule my child’s appointment outside of school hours?

We are happy to work with you to ensure that your child is absent from school as little as possible. Afternoon and early evening appointments are highly desirable.  Therefore, they are quickly filled. Dr. Fletcher is typically able to accommodate this preference when an appointment is scheduled well in advance. When your child misses school due to an appointment in our office, we will provide you with a note specifying the date and time of the appointment.  This note can be submitted to your child’s school for an excused absence. When a child or adolescent is receiving assessments, it is important to know that all assessments are scheduled during weekdays between 9am and 2pm. Assessments for children and adults are not scheduled after school or work hours since it is important for evaluations to be conducted when someone is less likely to be fatigued.