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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

The Wisdom of Anxiety

From ~ Ashley Kelsch @ Dressing Room Confessions.

I've been digging in deep to trying to better understand anxiety and learn new tools + skills to use not only with my clients, but on myself. Most everything I'm reading says the first thing you should do when you begin to feel anxiety is IDENTIFY IT and LABEL IT as soon as you can.

This will soften the charge.

Second, ACTIVELY ACCEPT it. Anxiety thrives on resistance and vagueness.

Third, remind yourself: NOTHING HAS GONE WRONG. This is a vibration in my body. I am safe.


Journal: What thoughts am I having right now that are causing me to feel this? Are they true? Specifically describe where the vibration is coming from in your body. How fast or slow is it moving? What color is it?

This will give you authority over what is happening. Then you can start to explore where it's really coming from.

Until next time,

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