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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

The need to float at The Float Spot

This past week has been an unusual week. With the chatter related to the FOX 4 story (see my previous post) and the passing of Whitney Houston, I can't help but put things in perspective. I know I believe in parents needing to follow through with what they threaten for discipline. I know that I'm excited to get my concealed handgun license in the next month (there have been rumors than I am anti-gun). I know that the microphone was attached when we started the live interview Friday night on FOX 4 (It quickly feel down my shirt and had to be reattached by 3 people when I was off camera). Crazy week. So how would I end the week to follow my own advice to empty my bucket before it gets full? I went to a place called The Float Spot, I got in a tank and had an hour to float. It was perfect to clear my head. It felt like I got a good night's rest. I'm going to do it again. With a week like last week, I needed to float....if only to get an hour without chatter.

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