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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

It’s The Little Things

We have had a week here in the Dallas area. You may have heard we had an "icepocalypse". Schools were shut down. Businesses closed for a few days. The roads.....well they were dormant. We had to just S-T-O-P.

I welcomed it.

This time of year can be a lot of hustle. Deadlines before the end of the year. Exams for our kids. Presents to buy. Working extra hours so you can take some time off during the holidays. Can you say sleep deprived?

But it is the little things...

Did you notice the little things in your day this week? They are the things that make you crack a smile, redirect your mood, or even change the mood of someone else?

Little things can be like big things. Don't you think?

Have you seen how this husband responded to his wife's understandably depressed mood during her cancer treatments? Can you say Pink Tutu?

What about how WestJet airline made Christmas happen for it's passengers?

....and then there is this about resilience Sandy Hook "Evil Did Not Win"

It's the little things. Don't miss them. Enjoy your weekend


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