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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

When There Is Good Stuff Ahead

The power of intention is remarkable. Don't underestimate it. The decision to be happy, be productive, and be calm are all in your control.

As we anticipate the first day of school and the activities of Fall, there is good stuff ahead. Truly. You can make it happen.

Do you wish you had more time with your family? Take it.

Do you want to learn something new? Go for it.

Have you been meaning to have that difficult conversation with your boss? Get prepared and then schedule it.

Good stuff is ahead. Don't miss it.

There is a shift going on for me and in my organization. I don't know if you notice it. It's a deliberate shift and I like it. There have been some things I have been meaning to do.

Like rewriting my About Susan page on this blog. Check it out by clicking here. It's pretty personal.

I've taken on more forensic work as a consultant and expert witness in the courtroom. It's kind of Perry Mason of me and I really enjoy it. It means I'm taking fewer new patients in my practice. If you are an established patient, we will always make room for you. Promise.

Very soon I'll also be releasing my very first eCourse. I'm excited about this first eCourse because so many people ask me for information about how to help their children survive a divorce. A conversation on this topic started on my Facebook page and a high school friend private messaged me to offer her experience. She told me her parents have been divorced for over 40 years and one of her parents is still extremely bitter - to this day. It makes it very hard for her as their child even though it has been many years since their divorce.

It got me thinking about those of you who continue to go through this as adults. I'll be offering some bonus sheets with this course, including how adults can be successful staying out of the middle of their parents' conflict.

So how about you? What do you want to put in your lineup for the Fall? Did you have a New Year's Resolution that needs to be refreshed? Figure out what steps you need to take. Make time for it. Write it down on your calendar.

No one else is going to make it happen for you. You have to make it happen for yourself.

I'm just like you. I'm tired at the end of the day. I enjoy wasting a bit of time aimlessly browsing in my computer. There are Friday nights and Saturday afternoons that I would just like to veg out and watch Shark Tank.

But I know that will get in the way of what I want to do. So I try to keep it at a minimum. Deliberately.

Here are some suggestions to help you be ready for the good stuff that is ahead of you:

1. Take a break from your computer, your iPad, and your phone. They distract you and you lose track of time. Be so bold as to take Facebook off your phone so you won't be tempted. Commit to not logging into your email one night a week after work. Have a rule in your house that no phones are brought to the dinner table, when you go out to eat, or while you are in the car. Get back to old fashion discussions.

2. Schedule a time to visit with someone you have not seen for a while. Recently I've been back in contact with friends from high school and friends from graduate school. I'm being deliberate and calling people on the phone when an email might be enough. There are a lot of people, especially those you do business with that you have limited yourself to communicate with just through email. Let them hear the sound of your voice, even if it is just with a voicemail.

3. Take some time to take care of yourself. When is the last time you went to the dentist? Are you due for a mammogram? Have you been meaning to get your eyes checked? Don't put your health off. If you do that too much, your body will get your attention one way or another. And I'm just saying . . . it won't be pretty.

4. Clean out your clutter. If I looked inside your car, your wallet, your desk drawer, or your closet, would you be embarrassed? If you had to move your office or you had to move into a new home, would it take you weeks to get organized? Clutter is a sign of neglect. It's too easy for you to continue to put things aside when that becomes your norm. Right now make a decision to clean out the clutter in your car before you drive it next. Schedule time to go through your closet. When the things you use every day stay disorganized, you get distracted. I want you focused. I have a big desk in my office that I'd like to replace with one that doesn't have drawers. I haven't found a new desk yet but about 2 months ago I cleaned out all the drawers in the one I have now. They are completely empty. Really. It is a nice feeling. If you are ever in my office with me, I dare you to ask to see for yourself. I'll show you.

5. Commit to one of the things you have been meaning to do. Is there a 5K you want to run? Should you host a poker game at your house with your friends? It's almost football season. Is it too late to start a football pool? Focus on something fun. When we have fun, we feel more alive. Think about it. Choose something. Schedule it. Make it happen.

Fall is going to be here soon. You will likely get busier once September arrives. Plan accordingly. There is good stuff ahead.

Until next time,

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