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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

What We Can Learn From The Death of a Plano Mother

I live in a suburb of Dallas where a tragedy took the life of a family of three. Stacy Fawcett was a single mother of two boys: Josiah, who was a junior in high school and McCann, who recently graduated from Plano West High School.

All three died tragically two weeks ago. It was a tragedy like our community hasn’t ever experienced. It has hit our community hard. So many young people knew Josiah and McCann. Stacy Fawcett was a food blogger on local television. Josiah and McCann were active in sports. Those of us who didn’t really know them, really got to know them after their death.

I wish I had known them.

You would have liked them too.

They were struggling. They were prideful. They were loved by many. They will be missed.

Here is just one example of the kind of person Stacy was. One of her colleagues and friends, Ron Corning, posted a voicemail she left him recently. It might seem intrusive that he posted this for all to hear.

I don’t think it is intrusive. I find it inspiring. Listen to it here.

It made me want to be more like her. What about you?

Do you tell people you love them? Do you celebrate the friendships you have? When is the last time you left this kind of message?

None of us are promised a tomorrow.

We don’t really know the kind of struggles other’s have.

I tell my children often:

“If you can make someone’s day better, why wouldn’t you?”

That means:

  • open the door for someone

  • smile more often with other people

  • give a compliment

  • tell someone how much you appreciate him/her

  • keep in touch more often

  • write a personal note and mail it

I could go on and on with ideas but I know you get it. Stacy Fawcett’s story has inspired me not because of the circumstances of their death as much as the way she is remembered. She is remembered as someone who loved her children, loved her community, and loved her friends.

What is it that you can do because of her story and because of the way she lived?

I say do it. Be the inspiration for someone else . . . and for yourself.

The tragic circumstances of their deaths are only a part of their story. If you live outside of our community and want to learn more, here is the story.

Rest in Peace Stacy, Josiah, and McCann.

Until next time,

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