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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

Way Too Young To Have a Heart Attack at The Age of 45

You and I know that there are things we could do to get healthier.

  • Exercise more

  • Eat better

  • Get more sleep

  • Manage stress

Last Friday, I had a patient, on her way to my office call me at the last minute to cancel her appointment. In her message she said she suddenly felt sick and that she didn't think it was a good idea to continue on her way.

What she didn't know

when she called me

was that she was having

a heart attack

on the way to my office.

Her husband called me the next day, leaving me a message to tell me the news. With a frenzied fervor I immediately called him back. I learned that after finishing her message to me, she drove right to the emergency room. They admitted her and immediately figured out the problem. She is expected to recover after being hospitalized for a few days. She is lucky and grateful.

She is only 45 years old and she and her husband have a 6 year old daughter.

Of course I am going to protect her privacy but here is something she would want you to know: she didn't know she was having a heart attack when it was happening.

She felt sick. She was vomiting. She didn't feel right.

Did you know that women often mistake the signs of a heart attack as symptoms of the flu?

There is a campaign on television I bet you have seen that says, "Don't die of doubt". I get it now. Watch the 30 second video because I know, after hearing this story, you will pay attention too.

Click here to learn the symptoms of a heart attack for women.

Click here to learn the symptoms of a heart attack for men.

So what do you need to do? Commit to:

  • Exercising more

  • Eating better

  • Getting more sleep

  • Managing stress

  • Making preventive care a priority

This Fall I got crazy busy. I let my workout schedule slide. The boys and I ate out way too much. I stayed up late. I got up early. I overcommitted and it was stressful. I delayed getting my yearly mammogram, cancer screenings at my dermatologist, yada, yada, yada. I'll spare you the details.

In December I caught my breath and I realigned my priorities. I scheduled doctor's appointments. I got clear about making commitments. I went back to eating clean a majority of the time.

I also joined OrangeTheory Fitness. In 3 months I lost 15 pounds. More importantly, working out helped me manage stress, sleep better, eat better - and I do it with my best buddies. I get to see them more regularly and that counts for something.

If you haven't heard about OrangeTheory Fitness, learn more by clicking here. They are popping up everywhere. For me, it is a perfect fit. See what you think.

Even when we do everything right, we are not immune to health issues for sure. It's not a guarantee.

As a 45 year old woman heals from her health crisis, you and I wish her all the best in her recovery. We also can educate ourselves and put healthy plans into action.

We can agree that 45 is way too young to have a heart attack.

Until next time,

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