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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

No Liquor Store Please

I recently posted a petition on Facebook about a liquor store that is attempting to move into an old Capital One building in our neighborhood. It seems obvious to me that others would also question the need for a liquor store so close to where we live and where our children hang out. No brainer….or so I thought.

Well I was asked why I don’t want a liquor store in our neighborhood.

My answer is too much to post on Facebook.

Another reason I’m happy I have a blog.

Doesn’t it seem obvious to you why a liquor store should find another place to land? My answer may not be obvious but it is a question I’m more than happy to answer.

First, I like alcohol. Yep, a good margarita and a Corona in a chilled glass are both delightful, especially on an open patio. Paradise with the right company. The liquor isn’t the problem here. Responsible drinking is alive and well in many households.

The problem is that the corner of Midway and Parker in our neighborhood is a culture of family.

There is a CVS, just off the heels of announcing that they will no longer cell tobacco products in their stores. Way to go to keep the brand of health and wellness in the forefront of people’s minds. It’s a step I know that is not monumental but it does breed loyalty for those on the fence about Walgreens vs. CVS.

There is a dentist’s office owned by a dad of two children most of us know from our own travels through public school.

There is a veterinarian. Many of our neighbors feel like he is family because their pets have benefited from his love and care.

Oh and then there is Closet Revival. It’s a resale shop where you go to find high end gently used clothing, purses, and kick-butt shoes. The staff there are truly rooting for you to find a “win” and when you pay, you feel like you are getting away with something - it is so affordable.

Jay’s donuts. That’s the place I go to with my kids on special occasions before school to let them know all is right with the world and that a donut means happiness. Come on…..many of my parent friends are there on Saturday mornings buying a box of that sugar stuff for the kids who are just waking up in their home after a sleep over. You bring home a box of Jay’s donuts and you are a hero. I even tip those sweet ladies who run it every time I ‘m in there. Great memories for my kids to tell their kids someday.

A liquor store on that corner, nestled in the neighborhoods where parents are raising their kids seems a bit of a contradiction. It’s hard enough being a parent in a world of temptation. Alcohol can be used responsibility of course but why make it look like it is on the same level as a vet who cares for your pet, a dentist who cares for you, CVS who takes a stand against Tobacco use and I forgot to mention Presbyterian Plano Hospital catty corner to all of this.

But it is the culture of the corner of Midway and Parker Road in West Plano that we are trying to preserve. It’s a place of all that is right with the world that symbolizes family and literally builds memories.

Liquor stores belong on another corner, or along a highway, or next to a grocery store, or by a hotel, or where it is more congested, or where we would expect it.

Not where families literally live and where I hope to preserve a slice of all that is right with the world.

Thanks for asking why I hope people sign this petition. I hope I’ve been clear and encouraged my neighbors .

Here it is again, THE PETITION, if you tend to agree that a liquor store has no business setting up shop at the corner of Midway and Parker.

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