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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

Don’t Go Deep. Go Present

Do you sometimes feel alone in a crowded room? Just not in sync but you are happy. You are making a mistake if you think that is as good as it gets.

It can get even better.

We over think things making them harder than they need to be. Sometimes I can’t turn my brain off. You know the feeling because I’m sure you do it to.

Here is how you do it.

Don’t go deep. Go present. Be engaged in the conversation. Turn off your cell phone and put it away. Talk to the person in line where you are. Make eye contact with the people you meet. Focus on getting to know them. Be present.


Make it a goal all during the day to be totally present and engaged. It is how it is suppose to be and you can make it happen. So don’t go deep. Go present.

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