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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

Are You Supportive in the Long Run?

It felt like I was in graduate school forever! Each semester I would check off the classes I finished and get excited when I saw that I was getting closer and closer to graduation. I was one of the youngest people in my class. I was childless, unmarried, eager, bright-eyed with a delayed income. But I was rich in support because I had people who believed in me and who knew that the investment I was making at that stage of life would be the best for me in the long run. Here I the long run and I'm more grateful than ever for the support I've received now and way back when. Support isn't just in the form of money. Are you being supportive in your organization and in your family in ways that will help someone be successful in the long run?

My parents are my number one supporters. That has been consistent over time, during challenges, and for the celebrations of successes. They have believed in me at times when I didn't believe in myself.

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