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  • Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.

Do You Know Someone in the Smart Zone?

When I speak at conferences all over the country about working in the Smart Zone many times people tell me stories after my presentations about people they know who are in the Smart Zone. These stories are so inspiring that I often wish I could have shared them with the whole audience. So now I want to hear from you! I want to share your stories about people you know who are in the Smart Zone. Do you know anyone in your organization who is in the Smart Zone? If so, email us with your story. Watch this video to learn more.

From now on we are calling people in the Smart Zone "Zonies." What is the Smart Zone? The Smart Zone is where you work to the best of your ability emotionally, behaviorally and intellectually. Watch this TV appearance where I talk about working in the Smart Zone. What is a Zonie? People in the Smart Zone have emotional intelligence, self awareness, create an environment of trust and are highly productive. Clients and coworkers trust people in the Smart Zone because Zonies can admit their own mistakes and confront unethical actions in others, successfully meet commitments, keep promises and show personal accountability and reliability. Here are a few more characteristics of Zonies:

  • Zonies are solution-oriented. They ask "How" and "What" questions instead of "Why" questions.

  • Zonies look at the brighter side of life and maintain a positive attitude, even in the face of adversity.

  • Zonies use interpersonal skills to improve relationships and are aware of the feelings of others. Zonies show empathy and social responsibility.

  • Zonies are likeable and manage stress in a productive manner.

  • Zonies know the Smart Zone Secret which is to take the focus off yourself. Zonies put the needs of others first, volunteer in the community and add value to others through humble acts of kindness.

Please email us with your stories of Zonies in your workplace. We want to share your stories with the Smart Zone community!

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